Local Vendor Market

The Village Produce and Country Store (herein referred to as “The Village”) is providing an entry point for entrepreneurs to test your idea with modest risk and investment. We invite crafters, artists and even re-sellers who fit the store objectives and want to tap into an opportunity to showcase and sell your product. Attendees will have an opportunity to buy locally and to gather with friends and neighbors in a relaxed setting.

The selection of potential vendors is based on several key factors to include but not limited to: number of vendors with similar products, number of available spaces, type of product, methods and quality of display, etc. Our goal is to ensure the store is attractive, safe and appealing to customers and keeping with the feel of a traditional country store. Each vendor has a role to play in attaining that goal. All vendors must read, respect and adhere to the following guidelines as well as those listed on the application. All vendors must complete The Village Vendor application. Please note that your application does not guarantee acceptance as a vendor. We reserve the right to refuse participation by any applicant. There are no rights of entitlement or exclusive rights based upon when an application was submitted, space assignments, type of origin of product, or number of years in business. Participation shall be determined in the sole and absolute discretion of The Village Managers.