Our Story

Owners Jerry Anderson and Paula McCoy have a long history in the Ogburn Station Community.  Paula was born in Ogburn Station on Victoria Street, named after her grandmother Victoria Crews Dalton.  Born into a large family, with 7 sisters and 5 brothers, Paula’s family had their own community so she learned early on what “community” meant. Her grandmother’s children (all 8 of them) lived next door to each other.  Today, Paula has sisters who are living on some of those same parcels of land.

In the country at that time, it wasn’t until the early 70’s that Ogburn Station was annexed into the City of Winston Salem.  Paula remembers growing up with a large garden, pigs, chickens and cows.  She attended Carver School from 1st through the 3rd grade.  At age 8, Paula and her family moved to the City on E. 25th Street in the Bowen Park community where she lived until going to college at NC A&T State University. Both her mother and father, Birden and Lovie McCoy, moved back to Ogburn Station in the late 70’s while she returned to the Ogburn Station community in 2004.

Jerry was born in the Old Carver neighborhood, very close to Ogburn Station, the place where his family shopped and had clothes cleaned.  Pulliams Hot Dogs, Young’s Cleaners, and Paragon Grocery Store were anchor businesses.  Jerry, the son of a preacher, grew up in a very structured household.  His father was an assistant pastor at Galilee Church for many years and taught him the value of hard work; his father worked both a full-time and a part-time jobs while also being a Pastor. His mother worked at Carver School until her retirement. Jerry attended Carver from the 1st through the 12th grades.  Jerry’s family consisted of 2 older sisters and 2 older brothers.

Long before Jerry and Paula were married in 2005, they knew that they had something unique in common, they were both entrepreneurs. As their relationship formed and blossomed they talked about entrepreneurial opportunities and partnerships.  So it was no surprise, after their marriage in June 2005, that they would be looking for opportunities to engage their entrepreneurial spirits.

Driving down Liberty Street one afternoon, Jerry asked, “I wonder who owns that property (4215 N. Liberty Street) and if they are interested in selling it?”  Paula said, “let’s find out.”  An address identified a Greensboro location, but finding nothing there but a phone number led them to an attorney that was managing the property for the heirs of Sprinkle Oil owners. After asking if they were interested in selling the property and making a successful offer, the initial property (which was then a parking lot) was acquired.

The Anderson’s could not have imaged at the time that the parking lot made the buildings next to it (4219 and 4221) inaccessible. This left the existing tenant (Triad Barber School) with no parking. Evaluating this dilemma, It made sense to try and purchase the building.  This purchase proved to be a little more challenging for the Anderson’s. Not to be outdone, Jerry and Paula enlisted the help of a friend and realtor, John Bost. With his help, Jerry and Paula became the owners of 4219 and 4221 N. Liberty Street in 2008.

Next, the task of deciding what to do with the property that had once been a hardware store. What kind of business would be successful there? The Anderson’s definitely wanted to keep the tenant of 13 years, Triad Barber School. Over the next 2 years as business plan after business plan was written, RUCA (Revitalizing Urban Commercial Areas), a program of the City came along in 2009 and made it possible for dreams to become reality by offering a 50-50 match loan to business owners. The business plan that Jerry and Paula put forth for this opportunity in 2010 was a Hardware and Country Store.  Plans were developed and site improvements began.  In the midst of these plans, an offer was made to lease the property to entrepreneurs interested in a fish market.  Unfortunately these plans were abandoned and Jerry and Paula returned to developing a business.  This time they decided on fresh produce and country store, particularly since there was much conversation about food insecurity and healthy eating.  Ogburn Station was in a food desert!

The Anderson’s bring a combined 30 years of industry related experience to the market place. Though, the owners will not be involved in the consistent day-to-day on-site management of the market,  in the beginning, Jerry and Paula will participate in and oversee the management of the facility. On-site managers will be hired and trained. Possessing college degrees, hands on work experience, and a desire to see this venture through is what drives the owners and makes them the ideal persons to open such a business. They are committed to seeing this venture through.


  • 30 years of combined Business Management and Operations experience within the customer service industry.
  • Professional courses in Business Administration and possessing BA Degrees and Master Degrees from local as well as Ivy League Universities.
  • Created, overseen and developed marketing and sales strategies for numerous companies and corporations within the past 20 years, including From the Ground Up, JPA, Inc, Arrival Inc of Nashville Tennessee, Arrival Inc of the Southeast and McCoy Enterprises.