Vendor Rules and Guidelines

Vendor Fees

Space location at The Village is limited but can vary and as such, one “retail space” is defined as 10’ x 10′. Space cannot be divided, shared, transferred, or sub-let. The Village Managers reserve the right to assign all vendor spaces. Requests for additional space will be given consideration based on product requirements, attractiveness of display, market flow, and vendor style. The application lists the price of each space per week per market. This fee is due 7 days prior to the first day of the month and is payable as a monthly fee. The fee for the first month of any market is due 2 weeks prior. It is the responsibility of the vendor to submit their payment. A late fee of $25 applies after the due date. Checks are payable to: The Village Produce and Country Store.. Credit cards are accepted.

Food and Products

Vendors may not sell products not listed on the application. Agricultural items such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, plants, baked goods, meats, cheeses, and seafood are products sold by the store so are therefore not considered as acceptable items for the Vendors Market. All products sold must meet the requirements of local and state agencies and, if sold by weight, the scale must be approved by the Department of Agriculture. Prices that are competitive to other vendors and our region are expected. There shall be no price gouging permitted at the Vendors Market. • If product is “Sold Out” please place a sign stating such at your booth. Sales tax, where required by the State, is the responsibility of the seller.

Booth & Parking

Booth Location will be assigned by The Village Managers. Several key factors go into determining this location. Prior participation in the vendors market does not guarantee the same location. The Village Managers can relocate booths at their own discretion at any time throughout the year. Vehicle spaces for the vendor as well as their staff will be assigned (not to exceed 2 vehicles unless approved by The Village Manager) and must be adhered to. Parking locations are subject to change throughout the year. Vendors are responsible for all of their booth materials to include tables, chairs, etc. Vendors can leave their products set up or can take them down daily. Vendor vehicles must be removed from the parking area at least 15 minutes prior to the store opening time. All vendors are responsible for removing their trash and providing their own trash containers. Dumpsters are provided. The area in and around your location must be cleaned prior to leaving the store. Vendor areas should be neat, attractive, appealing and in good sanitary condition. Sign boards, flags, etc. must be in good taste and not affect the general flow of traffic or block the front of any other vendor. The Village Managers reserve the right to not allow signage that conflict with this regulation. • Flyers, menus, etc. that the vendors would like to hand out at the store must be approved by The Village Managers.

Weather & Hours of Operation

The Village Produce and Country Store will be open for operation six days a week and on all holidays unless noted in the application. Vendors are expected to participate. The Village will not be closed due to inclement weather and refunds will not be issued.

  • Market space is reserved for the month and absent participation on a particular day does not warrant a refund.
  • Vendors are expected to be present on days they have reserved. In the event of an absence, vendors must notify The Village Managers. Failure to do so could result in the vendor being expelled from the market. No refunds will be issued.
Licensing, Permits and Insurance

Vendors are responsible for confirming with the Department of Agriculture which permits, certifications, licenses, or business tax receipts are required by calling 239-533-7512 or 239- 533-7514. Vendors may also want to review the following web sites for additional information:



Forsyth County Food Service Permits

Upon acceptance to the market, all vendors selling food products will need to submit a current Certificate of Liability Insurance in which the applicant is the insured and The Village Produce and Country as well as all other appropriate entities are named as additional insured. The Certificate must cover all dates on which the applicant is a vendor at The Village. The insurance specified in the Certificate must have limits of at least $100,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 aggregate.

General Rules

Vendors and/or their representatives are not permitted to smoke within the footprint of the store. No alcohol is allowed to be consumed on the premises. Music is not allowed to be played at your booth location or coming from your vehicle unless approved by The Village Manager. Vendors and/or personnel working on behalf of the vendor are not permitted to bring pets to the market or in their vehicles. Proper dress attire is required at all times. Management requests that no tank tops or sleeveless shirts be worn by men. Should The Village Managers find the dress to be inappropriate, they reserve the right to request that the vendor and/or their personnel change. Vendors are responsible for the conduct of their personnel and making sure they are aware of the policies and procedures of The Village. All vendors are expected to be courteous to customers and fellow vendors. No hawking, shouting, or cursing at customers or other is permitted. Vendor’s children must be supervised at all times. It is the responsibility of the vendor to ensure that proper email addresses and phone numbers are on file with The Village Produce and Country Store. Communication is thru email only. Any disputes or grievances shall only be taken to The Village Managers. No talking “behind the backs” of other vendors or customers will be tolerated. The Village Managers reserve the right to terminate a vendor at any time and immediately without cause. No refunds will be issued.